Standing Committees (2004-2005)

Finance and Fund Raising Committee
To advise the Executive on matters relating to the development and implementation of its financial policies.
Chair: To be filled

Membership Committee

To develop and implement policies and plans to increase the membership of The Association and the involvement of members in its activities.
Chair: Ms. Vilma McClenan

Public Relations Committee

To communicate the aim and objectives of The Association and promote the activities of The Association to the members and the general public.
Chair: Ms. Christine Marrett

Publications Committee

To produce and distribute the publications of The Association on a timely basis. Publications shall include, but shall not be limited to: newsletters, bulletins, journals, reports, proceedings and other documents pertinent to the interests of members and fulfilling the aims and objectives of The Association.

Research and Development Committee

To plan and co-ordinate the major research activities of The Association and encourage research in areas relating to distance and open learning, as approved by the Executive.
Chair: Mrs. Grace Martin-Hall

Training Committee

To plan and implement training activities in relevant areas of need for all categories of members and for the wider public, and as approved by the Executive.
Chair: Dr. Jeanette Bartley

Standards Committee

To develop national quality standards that will be the recognized symbol of excellence and consistent quality in all aspects of work in distance and/or open learning undertaken by individuals and organizations.
Chair: Mrs. Avrill Crawford

Ad hoc committee

Formation of Chapters
To encourage the formation of chapters throughout Jamaica and in the process formulate the policies and processes that will guide their operation.
Chair: Mr. Karlem Mair


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