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Since the inauguration of JADOL in July 2000, the Association has mounted a number of public lectures including Open learning and distance education by Dr. Dennis Irvine; On-line education: Prospects for Jamaica by Mrs. Avrill Crawford; Current and future trends in open and distance education: Lessons from the USA by Dr. David Rand; Learning in support of adult literacy by Mr. Seymour Riley; and Electronic resources for library support of distance students by Mrs. Evadne McLean.

In July 2003, there was a panel discussion on Distance education from the students‘ perspective. The panellists and their topics were: Mr. Orville Beckford, Self-directed learning; Mr. Shirlee Morgan, Combining distance learning with work, family and social life; Mrs. Hughette Grant-Wilson, E-learning, the student’s perspective; Mr. Christopher Hewitt, Motivating the self for distance learning; and Mr. Garfield White, Comparisons between face to face and distance learning.

For three successive years since 2002, JADOL Week has been the high-point of the Association’s activities. The week of activities normally begins with a church service and incorporates the Annual General Meeting and a seminar.

In October 2004, a seminar presented by Ms. Vilma Gregory of Vilcomm Services International Ltd. and the University of Technology, Jamaica (UTech) examined E-learning: Institutional and Student Preparedness. A workshop led by JADOL members Mr. Mark Bellinger of the US Peace Corps and Mr. Howard Smith of UWIDEC addressed the very topical issue of open source software ( OSS). A resource CD on OSS was given to each workshop participant.

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